Surface Mounted LED Lights

One of the most popular feature of LED lighting is the size of the fixtures and surface mounted dome lights that are excellent for even the smallest ceiling lighting needs. These lights are extremely slim and only measure 1-4 inchheight which makes them perfect for even the smallest vessel.

You can easily mount them anywhere for excellent interior lighting needs.

Versatility & Efficiency

The housings are totally sealed while providing excellent illumination for all areas of your boat including the cockpit. Due to their low designing and simple surface mounting options, these lights can be placed anywhere on your vessel, basically everywhere you want more light. The fastenings on the end of the lamp body are covered with snap-on end caps for a very modern and clean appearance.

Even in the harshest marine environments, these lights withstand salt water, salt air, stay durable during all levels of vibration, shock and impact. These LED boat lights are made from the most advanced UV resistant acrylic and are completely sealed.

Engineering Optics

The optics are designed to distribute excellent lighting minus harsh glare or causing unnecessary eye strain. You will experience excellent illumination while saving on energy.

Twin Core Cabling

Our high-quality twin core marine cables are pre-wired and sealed for dependable electrical connections and complete water tightness along with unending reliability.

Our surface mounted LED strip lamps are the very best energy efficient, long lasting lights on the market to date.