Your Next Choice In LED Courtesy Lighting

LED strips and ribbons are excellent choices if you are looking for courtesy lighting. The difference between courtesy and functional lighting; courtesy lights are used for adding ambiance and only provide minimal lighting.

Courtesy lights are excellent for interior lighting or along the side of a boat for decorative purposes.

Due to their smaller size, when hidden, you will see the light but not the fixture.

Why LED Courtesy Lights?

Courtesy boat lights are perfect for both large and small boats to add light to the interior, as a utility or for adding just enough light to help you perform smaller tasks. These lights will make your trips easier and more enjoyable. They are very easy to install and will run on both LED and traditional bulbs for your convenience. They come in a number of styles and different price ranges.

Our I Marine LED lights are totally sealed making them water resistant, non-corrosive and not affected by vibrations or UV radiation. These lights will last longer than your boat ever will! LED courtesy lights will give you 50,000 hours of service life and are backed with an unheard of 10-year warranty!

Excellent Quality For Your Boat

I Marine LED lights are perfect for added light along stairs or other areas of your boat that are difficult to navigate around while offering an attractive appearance.

Our I Marine LED lighting comes in a large assortment of high-quality courtesy lights for yachts, smaller boats and all other marine vessels. Our marine LED lights will give you safety while maneuvering around boat walkways, stairs and other dark areas.

These lights will give you bright, clear surroundings while providing a comfortable atmosphere all around your vessel.

Adding LED boat lights to your vessel will also save you money because of their high-efficiency and longevity. Using courtesy lights from I Marine will also give you exceptional decoration with their special lighting modes. Add an interior décor that will be enjoyed by all while giving you added safety.

Save On Power Consumption

The batteries of our LED courtesy lights drain much slower than your average lights. This feature will give you many more hours to relax with friends on your vessel during the night hours.