About LED Drain Plug Lights & Their Benefits

LED Drain Plug lights are not only ingenious but are also very affordable for all shapes, sizes and types of boats. These lights can be used independently as lighting for fishing boats of any standard shape, size or kind. Drain Plug submersible lights can also be used along with other underwater lights and dock lights.

Why Use LED Drain Plug Lights?

Not only due to their innovative design but their affordability are making these lights extremely popular. Drain Plug lights are very useful for people to light their boats, their docks or for excellent underwater lighting needs. Also, if you remove the light from its bracket it will serve very nicely as a raised flush light.

Even if the light bracket becomes damaged or broken, the drain hole has an indestructible seal. Simply replace the bracket and the light is ready to go.

Blue Drain Plug Light Type

The Design & Technology of Drain Plug Lights:

The quality of these lights, using LED technology can vary greatly. The design of patented drain plug lights are really ingenious and are carefully applied to each and every one. One excellent design is the drain plug’s housing which is small and very powerful. The housing offers superb insulation that prevents water from getting inside.

Drain plug lights have lenses that are made from cast acrylic which great improves visibility even when submersed in murky, unclear waters.

A Closer Look at This System

The material used to create the housing of the LED drain plug light is Polyvinyl Chloride which protects the lights from rusting. Another clever feature the drain plug lights, is its couple of inches of projection from the transom. Along with their convex glass lenses that are capable of producing beams that spread a very wide distance, their lights have built-in and integrated LED are extremely powerful. Boats with specific voltage of power applications, there are a variety of sizes and shapes.

The threaded mount bracket is designed to keep the hole plugged, preventing water from entering even if it struck with a great deal of force. As there will be no damage to the transom, replacement of the bracket is possible. If there is any overheating or voltage fluctuations, the sensor will pick this up and it’s immediately shut down. There are not separate power supplies as it’s incorporated into the housing.

Many Flexible Uses:

When it gets dark, the drain plug light can be placed over the water, casting light on the dock and ramp, for loading up a boat. Drain plug lights are also used to plug the drain so water will not enter. The size and shape of the drain and drain plug light must be exactly the same in order to plug the drain. With the right fitting, these lights can be plugged into any boat of the same fitting.

Drain Plug LED boat lights installation

Drain Plug LED Boat Lights Installation

The Popularity of Drain Plug Lights:

Due to their innovative designing, LED boat lighting has become extremely popular. These lights are available just about everywhere making it really convenient to install these on your boat. There still many fishermen that still believe in using lanterns for light when fishing at night. The lanterns hang from their boats or docks causing bait fish to congregate to them. Well, LED lighting does the same thing only brighter and underwater lighting will produce great visibility in muddy waters while deflecting grainy debris. The best results are from blue or green lights as they have the shortest wavelengths and these colors attract bait fish very quickly.

Drain Plug LEDs are Built to Resist and Last

Important Points:

The Material

  • Currently, the best material used on the market is bronze. All our drain plug lights are bronze-made waterproof and anti-corrosive.

Glossy Shells

  • The brighter the shell, the better the plating effect. Plating will prevent the light from corroding.

The Construction

The four main elements are:

  • Heat Dispersion: This depends on what material is used on the shell and the structure of the light.
  • Lighting Capabilities: This depends on the LED style a luminous surface.
  • Convenience is all around the installation and removal process.
  • Life Time is all within the entire construction process.

Our Drain Plug Lights embrace thermal conductive technology packaging and our convex mirrors will quickly speed up heat dispersion. Our standard half-inch screws and waterproof joints simply add the our drain plug lights’ quality.


Drain plug lights screw into the drain plug of small boats. These mounted lights are very easy to install and there is no drilling of holes in the hull. They only connect to DC power through a fuse and switch.

LED lighting is the new age of lighting. LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diodes, they operate at lower temperatures, use little power, can tolerate vibrations and operate with DC voltages. These lights do not contain toxic mercury which are environmentally hazardous such as found in fluorescent lights. Although slightly more expensive, their longevity and overall lighting effects are well worth it.