Our Trim Tab Lights for Boats

Our trim tabs allow for easy mounting for underwater lighting. You will enjoy hours of night-time viewing of the underwater world while relaxing on your boat. You will be amazed at the awesome lighting effects you will get while discovering all sorts of life forms that habitat the underwater world. These lights are excellent for everyone, whether you own a yacht or a small traditional boat.

Fishermen will attract a large assortment of fish with our I Marine Led Trim Tab Surface Mount Lights.

Sky is the limit with your creative ideas

Whether you want to create a wonderful night-time illuminated effect, attract fish or providing beautiful surroundings, you are going to love these lights. The sky is the limit with your creative ideas for adding a special, unique atmosphere for all your night-time activities on the water.

You should look into our I Marine LED Trim Tab Mounted underwater LED lights if you do not want to drill a bunch of holes or make room on your transom.

These lights are easily mounted and will provide you with spectacular illumination.

No Need to Drill!

Boat owners no longer have to drill additional holes in their hull because the mounting is directly on the existing installed trim tabs. These lights do not require any further drilling below the waterline. The trim tabs will also allow you to adjust the light beam both up and down.

These lights are small and can be mounted without drilling additional holes below the waterline.

As they mount directly onto existing trim tabs, installation is fast and easy. As the tabs move, the beams will move as well. These LED lights come in either white or blue and only use one-tenth the power of your standard bulbs.

Numerous Benefits of LED Boat Lights

Long life, low power and excellent performance all in one LED!

Quality and Durable Housing

While adjusting the direction of your light beam, you can be rest assured your LED light has a non-corrosive molded black polymer housing. The light's removable brackets will allow you to position your lights both horizontally or vertically through the mounting.

Enjoy Your Night Boating All Summer Long

During the summer months, night-time boating activities have become very, very popular.

Our LED lighting options are excellent for lighting your walkway to your boat or yacht, adding ambiance to your deck or stairway or for enjoying a wonderful view of the secret world that exists underwater. These lights are flexible allowing for your own unique atmosphere while adding hours of energy efficiency.