Color Change RGB/RGBW LED Underwater Lights

IMarine Multi Color Change LED lights include RGB and RGBW (RGB+White) Series. These color-changing LED underwater boat lights function as transom lights and are great for dock lighting, give you the perfect lighting results with Multi-Color in One Lights! Many of our customers are looking for a way to get an all-in-one boat lights with Blue, Green, Red and White. Blue for cool, Green for fishing, Red for urgency, White for illumination, or just enjoy it in a great night boating environment. RGB or RGBW (RGB+White)  Multi-Color Underwater LED lights are perfect for who are tired of changing lights, as well as those suffer with the high cost of purchasing every single color boat lights.

You can get Multi-color in one light with our RGB/RGBW LED Lights

Imarine RGBW LED Lights Are Extremely Bright for Every Single Color!

These lights have an Full-color output of Red, Green, Blue and White in one Light. and Marine Standard Stainless Steel housing for incredible resistance to vibrations, heavy impacts and shock, making them the perfect choice for underwater LED boat Power Draw and efficiency.

Our RGBW(RGB+White) Underwater LED ligtht use 6pcs 12W Bridgelux LED. Each LED light source produce 4 colors in one chip, thus achieve full-color output of every single color of Red, Green, Blue and White.

Traditional RGB light bulbs only produce single color in one led light sources, the same electrical energy light output while losing 30%~40% in illumination.

Mark Sampson Head of the Product Management

Full Color Output RGBW(RGB+White)LED lights stay cooler and provide more illumination compared to traditional RGBW LED lights.

Unlike other lights, Full-color Output Multi-Color Change underwater LED Lights make every color to full brightness!

Simpson Jessmin Head of the Communication

How to Control Our RGB/RGBW Underwater LED Lights?

With a compatible RGB  Bluetooth controller or RF remote controller, the RGB/RGBW LED boat light offers dynamic color-changing and single-color modes with adjustable speed and brightness levels.