At I Marine LED, we strive to deliver the best shipping procedure possible for every client. Every order is processed upon receipt of the purchase, and shipping times can vary depending on a variety of factors. The majority of orders that we receive are shipped within 5 working days, except for Saturday or Sunday.

Should there be any delays or issues with your delivery, then we will contact you by e-mail. Because of this, please leave an e-mail address that you have regular access to when you order your purchase.
Should there be any issues with stock or back order issues then you will be given a few choices – you can either:

  1. Cancel your order
  2. Wait for a replacement stock to arrive
  3. Choose a substitute product we do have in stock
  4. You will receive confirmation e-mails upon receipt of purchase, and you will receive another e-mail to inform you it has been dispatched.

Shipping Costs
Shipping costs can vary, along with shipping times. We will use express delivery shipping, or we can use a logistics agent of your choice and arrange the delivery through them. We take the payment for shipping alongside the purchase order.

International Shipping

  1. I Marine LED does not provide any import duties, taxes or charges in our payment for products – these charges are your responsibility, and we do not take any part in that side of the process
  2. Check with your own countries Customs to determine what the additional charges may be prior to making the purchase
  3. These are not additional shipping charges – and are usually paid for when you go to collect the item itself
  4. We cannot mark items as gifts or mark merchandise below a specific value – this goes against International regulations

If you have any more questions about International shipping, then please contact us and we can provide you with more specific details, based on where you are and what you are ordering.