The Benefits of Fishing with LED Underwater Boat Lights At Night

The technology and notion behind boat lights has significantly changed over the past decade. The idea is not only for appearance but also for practical purposes. The older, less expensive halogens emitted a great deal of heat and had a poor shelf-life. Those lights are in the past and have been replaced with LED lights that are a great deal more efficient; changing the way these lights are now being utilized. The technology behind these lights has impressed users because they are a much more cost effective than the LED lights of the past.

There has been a peak in interest within the fishing industry, over the past few years, regarding these newer LED lights. Inquiries have rocketed from fishermen wanting more information on the benefits of LED lighting for their vessels. Here are answers to many popular questions:

Why Are LED Lights A Better Choice For My Vessel?

  • First off, using these lights, both for the exterior and interior, will make your vessel brighter and standout. They are an excellent choice for fishing at night because they can be used as spot lights. Combining various colors such as blue, white and green you can create a nice appearance to your vessel along with other benefits, such as attracting fish.

What LED Light Colors Work The Best?

  • White lights used on the exterior will repel bugs that normally swarm toward lights. Using the combination of green and white lights will increase your visibility in muddy or murky water. These LED lights offer a short wavelength, especially the green lights which fish are attracted to. These lights are able to penetrate the water before breaking up because of their short wavelengths.
See the fish through the water at night!

Will These LED Lights Help Attract Bait Fish Around My Vessel?

  • Yes, the zooplanktons & shrimp will follow the lights because they are attracted to them. Be sure to anchor your boat before lighting the bulbs. If you are in motion, the fish will not be able to follow for any length of time and will lose interest.

How Do LED Lights Work At Night?

  • As you probably know, small organisms attract larger organisms, so on and so forth, all the way up the food chain. By submerging the lights, you will attract the plankton that smaller fish live on, such as shad, minnow or shrimp. The presences of bait fish will attract their predators, i.e., your game fish, making your fishing expedition a great deal more lucrative.
  • Experienced fishermen know if you locate good quantities of bait, you will locate their predators. Just install a few LED lights and the bait will come to you. You will notice swarms of fish and insects at the hull of your vessel.

How Much Lighting Should Be Used?

  • The power and amount of light plays an important role to your success with fishing. You should use at least two lights that are separated by a few feet. The greater the dispersion of light, the greater area you will be able to cover. In turn, more fish will find their way to the surface of the water.
  • As far as depth, do not submerge any deeper than 3-inches, otherwise the lights will get in the way of the fish and they will head to the bottom.
Green Light is Known For Attracting A Large Amount of Fish

Green Light is Known For Attracting A Large Amount of Fish

Are There Certain LED Light Colors That Work Best For Fishing?

  • Common Consensus indicates that green and white lights attract a larger amount of bait fish at night. As green has the shortest wavelength, it can penetrate fresh lake water and other coastal waterways. In areas with poor visibility, green light will cause the water to look clearer while deflecting grainy particles.
  • Within the color spectrum, green has the shortest wavelength allowing it to penetrate deeper into water before breaking up. Zooplanktons are attracted to green light and will swim toward it, then fish like shrimp and squid will swim after them. In turn, predatory game fish will go after the smaller fish. These lights literally set off a food chain reaction which delivers great results of fish swimming directly toward your boat.
  • Please Note: Make sure you have anchored your vessel beforehand. This will ensure that bait fish stay close to your submerged lights. If you are in motion, bait fish will not be able to keep up and you will loose out on significant amounts of bait fish.


Underwater LED boat lights are excellent for night fishing. Green and white are the two most popular colors of choice, followed by blue. These colors all have short wavelengths generating crisp, vibrant effects in the water at night.

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of LED lights and how they can cause a significant increase in fishing expeditions during the nighttime.