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9x3W Stainless Steel Surface Mount Marine Lights


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Quality and Versatility for a 9x3W Surface Mounted LED Light System!

  • GREAT LIGHTING SYSTEM: Brighter than average LEDs available on the market! It offers an impressive 180°viewing angle and can brightly illuminate the water. Save on energy!
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Our product is carefully designed to be long lasting and highly efficient! It features good heat radiation as the aluminum housing and titanium alloy plated form a good cooling system that will protect the light and extend its life span.
  • WATERPROOF; SHAKE-PROOF: 316 stainless steel housing offering a great anti-corrosive effect. The shell surface is chrome plated which not only ads glossiness but also further enhances corrosion and wear resistance over time.
  • A VERSATILE PRODUCT: Each of the lights sold on our website can definitely be used in many ways, such as for yachts, surfboats, swimming pools, spas or even fountains. Not need to mention how cool they look!


Give Your Boat Or Yacht an Upgrade On A Budget!

Would you like to perform a change in your boat or yacht that would completely alter the way it looks like?

Do you want this change to be for both practical and aesthetic reasons? Well, here you are!

Meet The Amazing Underwater LED Light & Level Up Your Cruising Experience!

Cruising at night is definitely a wonderful experience! Total darkness, however, may block your visual sight and you may be exposed to dangerous situations.

SAFETY COMES FIRST! With these amazing lights be sure that you can see around and can be seen by others a well!

The lights have the perfect balance of being bright enough but without interfering with the sight of other boaters!

Maximize The Pleasure Of Your Night Activities!

No matter if you like night swimming, diving or fishing, these lights will facilitate a more enjoyable experience!

Even sitting at your boat slip will be so much different! The lights will offer an impressive illuminating and ambient effect you will definitely love!

Unparalleled Quality & Convenience, Designed To Serve All Your Need!

The lights are waterproof, shake-proof, durable and heat resistant making sure that they are the best choice you can make for your boat!

They lights are thoroughly checked for their quality before they are delivered to you and the installation is super easy so that you have nothing to worry about!

Use Them In Your Next Cruising Time And The Results Will Reward You!


Various Benefits:


1) World-class high power 9x3W LED encapsulated in high efficiency and latest heat dissipation structure.

2) First-class stainless steel product (316). It has excellent corrosion-proof features!

3) High light efficiency, life-span can go up to 50, 000 hours.

4) Built-in constant current driver.

5) Over heating protection feature. When the temperature gets over 45 degree Celsius or if the overall voltage raises above 30V, the output current will be shutdown in order to protect the LED system without causing any further damage.

6) Waterproof LED product (Grade IP68) and Shake-proof.

7) Extremely Easy to install.


Quick Installation Instructions:

  1. Attach the light to the ship plate with 3X screws
  2. Red line = positive pole, others = negative pole.
  3. Line length = 2M, diameter = 4.5mm

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Additional information

Weight 1120 g
Dimensions 140 × 65 × 210 mm


Working Voltage

DC10-30V External driver

Working Current


Emitting Angle of Peak (θ)


Size(mm) Dia.* H


Net Weight



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