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1x9W LED Underwater Yacht Light Trim Tab Light


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  • LIGHTING EFFICIENCY: This trim tab light is made of 9w powerful LEDs offering a high luminous effect! The product is designed to offer bright light up to 50.000 hours, meaning more that 2.000 days! Impressive, right?
  • UNPARALLED QUALITY: This light trip tab is patterned to be extra durable! It features stainless steel 316 material housing and it also encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heat dissipation structure! We made sure that it is not going to be worn out anytime soon!
  • DESIGNED TO COVER ALL YOUR NEEDS: This product is of course 100% waterproof and corrosion-proof enabling the light to be freely used in seawater! It is also treated to beanti-dust and anti-splash-wet! What’s more? It presents overheating protection and reverse connection protection offering unlimited possibilities for underwater use!
  • WE OFFER CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: When you get this amazing package you will find inside a trim tab light and one protective tube! The light provided is white, we also supply other colors. Make sure you contact us with your special request!
  • SUPER USEFULL FOR MARINE/BOAT/YACHT/DINGHY: You should always have bright light for your boat in order to prevent unwanted situations! Be sure that your vessel is visible while in dark water! Better safe than sorry! Enjoy your nights out and make the most of your swimming, diving or fishing with safety and protection!
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1x9W LED Light Trim Tab Light For Marine, Boat, Yacht & Dinghy

  • Durable
  • High Quality
  • Perfect For Night Swimming, Diving, Fishing
  • Ambient & Relaxing
  • Water Proof
  • Heat Protection

Take Your Boating Experience To The Next Level!

What’s better than spending a night in the sea, on a river or lake with your nautical vessel?

It will definitely offer you fun, pure relaxation and tranquility!

Maximize The Pleasure With This Amazing Trim Tab Light!

This great underwater light will bright up the water in white color creating a beautiful ambient effect!

If the water is clear your will be able to see the fishes or shrimps right under your boat or yacht.

Do You Like Night Water Activities? Now You Have Every Good Reason To Love Them More!

With the addition of this super practical LED light system you are able to perform your activities with more safety and pleasure!

No matter if you love night swimming, diving or fishing this light will make it so much easier for you!

It will bright up the water allowing you to see what’s happening around you so that you can decide when is the perfect moment to start your activities!

You can also see where you dropped your hook and tie knots rather easily!

Last But Not Least Take Care Of Your Safety!

Cruising in total darkness may lurk many dangers! This lamp will provide you with 50.000 hours of lighting making sure that you stay safe!

Having a clear sight can prevent any unpleasant incident!

The lights will also make your vehicle visible to other boaters without interfering with their own vision!

All Your Boating Needs Are Covered Here! Order Now!

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 145 × 145 × 100 mm


Working Voltage


Working Current


Emitting Angle of Peak (θ)


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